Lays Potato Chips – Classic Salted Flavour, Crunchy Snacks


Key benefits:

• Lay’s Classic Salted flavour

• Cooked to crispy perfection

• Versatile snack enjoyed in any setting

• 100% vegetarian



About the Product

When it comes to great taste, simplicity is key and Lay’s Classic Salted Potato Chips is here to prove it It all starts with the highest quality farm-grown potatoes, cooked to crunchy perfection and sprinkled with microlite salt. The Lay’s Classic is a reminder that it is always the simple things in life that matter and that bring you the most pleasure. Whether enjoyed on its own or with fancy dips, during big gatherings or on quiet nights, Lay’s Classic is always the perfect companion and guarantees Happiness in Every Bite, Every Time. Have them as an accompaniment to your sandwich or even use them to create fun recipes!


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