Davidoff Fine Aroma Instant Coffee, 100 g Bottle



Coffee 100%, Arabica
How to Use

Take 1 teaspoon the coffee into a glass. Add hot water or milk and add needed sugar. Stir well.
Other Product Info

EAN Code: 4006067084300
Manufacturer Name & Address: Packed In Poland For Tachibo GMBH, Ubressing 18, 22297 Hamburg GERMANY


Davidoff Cafe Sommeliers Fine Aroma Coffee is made using the choicest Arabica beans that is specially crafted for coffee lovers who demand luxury and quality in every cup. The coffee is roasted to perfection to give you an extraordinary start to the day, which will awaken your senses with its rich taste and soothing aroma and leave you feeling instantly refreshed. Product type: Instant Coffee Pack type: Bottle Weight: 100 g Store in cool and dry place .


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